The program that increases client engagement, attendance and retention...
while adding revenue to your business!


Easy Implementation


Healthy competition

Incorporate it to boost existing programs, products & services

Your clients pay a nominal monthly fee, which we share with you

Use as Short-term Challenges or as an Ongoing Program!

How to incorporate the 6E into your Fitness Center (staff, individual members, group classes) & Corporate Wellness Programs:

1. Encourage everyone to participate in this 10 minute-a-day wellness program
-Improves health, happiness & productivity-

2. Each day they engage in brief activities (Keystone Habits)
-Promotes an upward spiral of success momentum-

3. When they come to your gym, they can check in with you about their progress.
-Provides Accountability-

4. Every time they exercise at your gym, it counts as fulfillment of the “Fitness” element.
-Improves Retention-

5. You can plug any nutritional services you provide into the “Nutrition” element or we can recommend a profitable, nutritional solution to you.
-Promotes Engagement-

6. At the end of each month (2-3 months), the participant with the most overall points on their Progress Tracker receives a Reward.
-Enhances Motivation-