The Six Elements System combines powerful information with engaging activities to create lifestyle adjustments that result in lasting positive change.​​​
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What's your Mission Objective - 

A new habit?
Choose what area you would like to focus on (Mind, Body or Performance,) Let us help you break it down into manageable steps to ensure success.

A specific goal?
Direct Mind & Body to enhance creative productivity & manage the project until completion.
​We can help you and/or your team get and stay on track until the objective is achieved.

Overall improved performance?
Plug into our system to get to your higher level!
Continually hit new targets/complete missions until consistent success becomes a lifestyle.

"So simple and so effective.  It provides structure to my day and keeps me on track towards my goals in the long and short-term.  The sense of purpose and accomplishment when I'm on a mission feels amazing!  Thank you!!"

-Maya E.​​​

We’ve identified the six most important keystone habit categories and turned them into a daily routine for success -
the "Six Elements":

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Total Daily Routine Time – 6 minutes – 1.5 hrs
Appreciation Activity: 2-5 minutes
Clinically proven practice to improve mental health, well-being and positivity.
Focused Breathing: 1-20 minutes
Medically recognized method for decreasing stress & anxiety, stimulating blood & oxygen flow, and improving energy levels.
Healthy Choice incorporated into regular eating schedule.
Depending on your goals, incorporate a new tip regularly – from moderate suggestions to choices for rapid health improvement.
Movement promoting oxygen & blood flow: 1- 45 minutes
Movement for any level – from a simple full-body breathing exercise to hard-core workouts.

Activity to turn adversity into opportunity: 2-20 minutes
Creatively solve problems and generate better solutions.

Productivity Tip incorporated into daily work schedule.
Incorporate a new practice regularly for increased productivity & work flow.
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"What if I only want to do one, or a couple of these - do I have to all Six Elements?"

"Of course, I prefer everyone to do the whole System!  (It was specifically designed so that all Six Elements reinforce one another for maximum effectiveness.)  At the same time, we want to ensure that it's is accessible to everyone so that you can ease into this at your own pace from wherever you are right now.  So yes, even one, or a couple of Elements at a time will improve your lifestyle and results.

-Nils Bollen, M.Ed.
 System Designer

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​Quickstart Guide: 
The simplest way to get started right away, this guide will show you how to put ths system into practice in the least amount of time possible.

System Manual: 
This reference manual will provide further information and options so that you can deepen your understanding and engagement with the Elements and System.

Six Elements Handbook: 
This 50+ page book includes extensive information, activities & programs for each of the Elements (Example: Nutrition Guide)

Workout Video Series:
This blend of resistance, H.I.I.T., plyometrics and self-defense provides fitness, agility, balance, body awareness and many more benefits.

Progress Tracker: 
Stay accountable, gauge progress and receive points for completing Elements

Mission Achievement Reward: 
Finish your Mission and receive a Recognition Award!

Initial 28-Day Mission: 

Includes all of the System Components

Each additional Mission:

Includes ongoing access to all components, community and support.
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“Now that I know what feeling good feels like, I never want to go back to my old routine. I was constantly tired and off track with my lifestyle and eating habits. I feel alert and focused, even my co-workers notice. I was looking to improve my overall energy, but in the process, shed a few pounds as well. Double bonus…. would highly recommend!”
-Joe M.

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